How to Play Sound in Python



In this article, you will learn how to play sound in Python.

Play Sound in Python

In Python, you can play sound using the pygame library, which is a set of Python modules designed for game development. Here are the steps to play sound in Python using pygame:

Install pygame:

Install pygame by running the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

pip install pygame
Import pygame:

Import the pygame library in your Python script by adding the following line at the top of your code:

import pygame
Initialize pygame:

Initialize the pygame library by adding the following code to your script:

Load the sound file:

Load the sound file that you want to play by adding the following code:

sound = pygame.mixer.Sound("path/to/sound/file.wav")

Replace “path/to/sound/file.wav” with the actual path to your sound file.

Play the sound:

Play the sound by adding the following code:

This will play the sound once.

If you want to play the sound repeatedly, you can use the following code instead:
Stop the sound:

To stop the sound, you can use the following code:

Quit pygame:

Finally, to quit the pygame library, you can use the following code:


Here is an example code that plays a sound file:

import pygame

# Initialize pygame

# Load the sound file
sound = pygame.mixer.Sound("path/to/sound/file.wav")

# Play the sound once

# Wait for the sound to finish
pygame.time.wait(int(sound.get_length() * 1000))

# Stop the sound

# Quit pygame