Creating a Low Poly Car in Blender



In this article, you will learn how to create a low poly car in Blender.


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Basic Car Shape

Let’s create the basic body shape.
Select the cube in Object Mode and click the Auto Mirror button in the Sidebar > Edit tab.
Auto Mirror is an add-on that makes it easy to use the Mirror modifier.

If you check the cube in Edit Mode., you will see that the following operations have been performed.

  • Cutting the object
  • Deleting the unused half of the mesh
  • Adding a Mirror modifier

Scale the object with S and add some loop cuts with Ctrl + R.

Select the roof faces and press E to extrude them. Then press S to scale them and G to move them.

Create a cylinder with Shift + A and overlap it with the car body.

Select the car body and add a Boolean modifier.
If you select the cylinder in the object option and apply this Boolean modifier, the part where the car body and the cylinder overlap will be hollowed out.


Do the same for the rear of the car body.
The basic shape of the car is complete.


Let’s create car windows.
First select the windshield face, add an inset face with I and scale it with S.
Uncheck the Boundary option.

Check Clipping option in the Mirror settings and extrude the face inward in with E.

Do the same for the rear window of the car body.

Let’s create the side windows.
Select faces and add inset individual faces with I

Extrude the faces inward with E.


Select the forward faces of the car body and extrude them with E.

Add an inset face with I.
Make sure the Boundary option is unchecked.

Extrude the face with E.

Add an inset face with I again.

Press shift + H to display only the face, and ctrl + R to add three edges.
Select each of the four faces created by adding edges, and add inset individual faces with I.

Extrude them inward with E.


Let’s create wheels.

Add a cylinder with Shift + A.

Add an inset face with I and move it with G.
Now we have the basic shape of the tire.

Add inset faces with I and extrude them with E to create a wheel shape.


If you add a Mirror modifier to the wheel and select the car body in the object option, the wheel will be added on the other side as well.
Copy it and create the rear wheels and spare wheel.



Select faces and press E to extrude them.
Shape by adding vertices and moving edges and faces.

Do the same for the rear bumper.

Add vertices and edges and extrude the face with E to create the lower part of the bumper as well.


Fender and Side Sill

Let’s create fender and side sill.

Select the vertices of the fender and side sill part of the car body.
Duplicate them with Shift + D and separate them from the car body with P.

Add vertices with Ctrl + Right Click to create a fender and side sill frame.

Create a face with F and extrude it with E to make it three-dimensional.

Headlights, Stoplights and Blinker lights

Let’s create headlights, stoplights and blinker lights

Add a circle and a cube with Shift + A.
You can create the shape of the light by adding inset faces, extruding faces, scaling faces, etc.

Duplicate them, scale them with S., and place them on the body with G.
If you use the modifier mirror, you can place it symmetrically with respect to the car body.


Rear window mirror, antenna, door knob and license plate can also be create by the operations explained so far.


Select each face and change the Base Color of the Material Properties to add the color you like.
You can also change the texture by changing the Roughness.

For the light, change the Surface option in the Material Properties to Emission.

The final result looks like the image below.