How to Use the Rails image_path Method



In this article, you will learn how to use the Rails image_path method.

Rails image_path Method

The image_path method is a Rails helper method that generates a path to an image asset in your Rails application. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Make sure your image is saved in the app/assets/images directory of your Rails application.
  • In your view file (e.g. .html.erb, .slim, etc.), use the image_path method to generate a path to the image:

    <%= image_path('image_name.jpg') %>

    Replace image_name.jpg with the actual name of your image file.

  • You can use the image_path method in conjunction with the image_tag method to generate an HTML img tag that displays the image:

    <%= image_tag image_path('image_name.jpg') %>

    This will generate the following HTML:

    <img src="/assets/image_name.jpg" alt="Image name">

    The alt attribute will be set to the name of your image file.

The image_path method takes care of generating the correct path to your image asset, taking into account any asset pipeline configurations you may have set up in your Rails application.