How to Use BCrypt Gem



In this article, you will learn how to use BCrypt Gem.

Using BCrypt Gem

The BCrypt gem is a popular Ruby gem for hashing and encrypting passwords. Here are the steps to use the BCrypt gem in your Ruby project:

Install the BCrypt gem:

gem install bcrypt

Require the BCrypt gem in your Ruby file:

require 'bcrypt'

To generate a hashed password, you can use the BCrypt::Password.create method:

hashed_password = BCrypt::Password.create("password")

To verify if a password matches a hash, use the == method:

if == "password"
  # password matches hash
  # password does not match hash

You can also control the level of computational effort required to hash passwords by passing a cost parameter to the create method. The higher the cost, the more secure the hash, but the longer it takes to generate. For example, to use a cost of 12:

hashed_password = BCrypt::Password.create("password", cost: 12)