Get the Current Cursor Position with JavaScript

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In this article, I will introduce how to get the current cursor position with JavaScript.


To get the current cursor position, you can use the JavaScript MouseEvent.clientX and MouseEvent.clientY property.

The MouseEvent.clientX/clientY property returns the horizontal/vertical coordinate within the application's viewport at which the event occurred.

let x = event.clientX;
let y = event.clientY;
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You can get the cursor position by moving the cursor within the demo range (the origin is at the top left of the demo range).

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<p class="position">
  X: <span id="x"></span><br>
  Y: <span id="y"></span>


window.addEventListener('mousemove', (event) => {
  let x = event.clientX;
  let y = event.clientY;

  document.getElementById('x').innerHTML = x;
  document.getElementById('y').innerHTML = y;