Get Tomorrow’s Date with JavaScript



In this article, you will learn how to get tomorrow’s date with JavaScript.

JavaScript Date object

Date object is a Javascript standard built-in object for getting and calculating dates.

Using this, for example, it is possible to create various mechanisms related to the date and time as follows.

  • Get the current date and time
  • Addition / subtraction of specific elapsed time
  • Get any date

The syntax is below.

let dateObj = new Date();

Get tomorrow’s date

Just run the getDate () method from the instantiated variable that gets today’s date.

let today = dateObj.getDate();

You may not get the date according to the calendar just by adding 1 to today’s date obtained above.
Therefore, the Date object has a setDate () method for date calculation.

// Add the date held by dateObj by one day
dateObj.setDate( dateObj.getDate() + 1 );

// Get the date of the added instance
var tomorrow = dateObj.getDate();