How to Use the Rails create Method



In this article, you will learn how to use the Rails create method.

Using the create method

In Ruby on Rails, the create method is used to create a new record in a database table. It is a shortcut for calling new and then save methods together.

Here is an example of how to use the create method:

Assuming you have a model User with attributes name, email and age.

# create a new user record in the database
User.create(name: 'John Doe', email: '', age: 30)

This code will create a new user record in the users table with the name “John Doe”, email “”, and age 30.

The create method takes a hash of attributes as its argument. The keys of the hash should be the names of the attributes and the values should be the values you want to set for those attributes.

If the record is successfully saved to the database, the create method returns the newly created object. If there is an error during the creation process, an exception will be raised.

You can also use the create method with a block:

User.create do |user| = 'Jane Doe' = ''
  user.age = 25

This is equivalent to the previous example, but it allows you to set the attributes using the block syntax.