How to Assign Values to a List of Variables with the PHP list() Function



In this article, you will learn how to assign values to a list of variables with the PHP list() function.

PHP list() Function

In PHP, you can use the list() function to assign values to a list of variables. The list() function takes an array as its argument, and assigns the values of the array elements to the variables in the list.

For example, if you have an array $data = array(“John”, “Doe”, “35”); and you want to assign the values of this array to the variables $first_name, $last_name, and $age, you would use the list() function like this:

  $data = array("John", "Doe", "35");
  list($first_name, $last_name, $age) = $data;

This would assign the value “John” to $first_name, “Doe” to $last_name, and “35” to $age.

You can also use this function to assign values directly from a function return:

  list($first_name, $last_name, $age) = some_function();

It’s important to keep in mind that the number of variables in the list must match the number of elements in the array, otherwise it will raise a warning.